VNetwork Token ($VNW)

The VNetwork token has been strategically integrated as a pivotal element within the VNetwork product line. Our objective for 2024 is to seamlessly incorporate the token into all VNetwork products. Presently, the token serves as an investment avenue in our business, akin to stocks in the stock market, offering opportunities for our stakeholders.

In the coming year, we aim to introduce tiered systems for all our products, purchasable as a subscription only via $VNW tokens. It is important to highlight that these tiered systems will not limit non-tiered users from fully leveraging our decentralized applications (dApps).

Contract Address: 0xd016d6C23Bd6B806dB6D1CDc77a209E90b2B8cf9

Solidity Version: 0.8.16 Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 1 Billion $VNW Buy/Sell Tax: *8% (5% Business Revenue, 3% Shared Treasury Fund) *Collected in BNB

Audit: SourceHat (Formerly Solidity Finance)

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