Step into our roadmap. This guide is like your personalized GPS, navigating through our journey so far and the exciting destinations we're heading towards. Here, we unfold the strategic markers, ensuring you have a clear and exclusive view of the path ahead. Let's embark on this journey together, shaping the future of The Vanity Network.

Please note: few non-released products might be partially / completly undisclosed in order to protect IP. If you are an Angel Investor or a form of VC and you'd like to know our plans, get in touch with us at to sign a Non-Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

VNetwork Launchpad V1.0: Launched BNB Mainnet Launchpad, raised $VNW IDO at 0% fees.

Token IDO: 166 BNB raised in Private Sale (+10% Bonus) - 150 BNB (Hardcap) raised in Public Sale.

DreamPad: Replacing VNetwork Launchpad V1.0, no fees for parties (contributors and project teams) for capital raised or tokens, flat fee of 150$ to start an IDO Launchpad. Available multichain on BNB Chain and Ethereum Mainnet.

DreamPad Expansion: Explore new chains, aiming first to BASE Chain. Looking to secure partnerships with leading protocols and DEX on L2 EVMs and implement them as available DEXes for IDOs Launchpads.

DreamPad - Lockers: Implement a visible and free to use open-sourced pre-audited Locker with Vesting enabled, data track of locker interactions. Add telegram-based notification of every interaction made with subscribed lockers

Vanity NFT Implementation: Earn by being a Vanity NFT Holder, implement update on a DApp, shared treasury income.

Stablecoin Staking: A formula tested since Q3 2022 to offer the highest APY returns in the crypto space, which does not have capital risks of impermanent loss. Merging Web2 and Web3 together in a perfect-made formula.

Unique NFT/Token Management Dashboard: Easier control on your own project, whether it's an NFT or Token, multichain based dashboard.

Vanity Fractualised NFTs: Vanity Fractionalized NFTs present an opportunity to own a fractional share of substantial investments with significantly higher return percentages compared to traditional capital investments. To qualify for participation, it is imperative to hold a Vanity NFT, as eligibility for involvement is contingent upon NFT ownership.

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