If you wish to advertise via our spaces, feel free to contact us on telegram or preferably via email at

At Dreampad, we recognize the power of effective advertising. To provide valuable exposure to your project, we offer a range of Advertisement spots, each of which rotates among active bookings. Within our Launchpad, you'll discover three distinct AD spots, each strategically positioned to maximize the visibility of your project or brand. These advertising opportunities are designed to enhance your reach, connect with your target audience, and make a lasting impact in the DeFi space.

In the heart of our Trending Bar, you'll find the Trending Ad Spot—an exclusive opportunity to spotlight your project or brand. Positioned just before the first place on the Trending Bar, it's marked with a discreet "AD" rather than a numerical position. The uniqueness of this Ad Spot lies in its constant visibility; it's always on display, rotating between different bookings. What's more, this prime advertising space is visible from every page you visit within Dreampad, ensuring that your message reaches our extensive audience across the platform. It's a powerful way to make your presence known and engage with our community.

Homepage Premium AD Spot

Our homepage boasts the prestigious Premium Ad Spot, designed to capture the attention of our visitors. This prime advertising space features an eye-catching design, substantial sizing, and engaging animations upon hover. What makes it even more attractive is the availability of five different slots, each taking center stage and rotating on page refreshes. This strategic positioning ensures that your advertisement receives maximum exposure and grabs the interest of our diverse audience, making it a highly effective tool to enhance your project's visibility and reach.

Presale AD Spot

On every Dreampad presale page, you'll discover our dedicated Presale AD Spot. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this AD placement is strategically positioned to ensure optimal visibility without compromising the overall design or user experience. The unobtrusive yet highly noticeable location of this AD spot ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the page's aesthetics. Additionally, it's divided into five distinct slots, which gracefully rotate to provide ample exposure to your project, attracting the attention of potential investors and supporters. This approach enhances your project's visibility without inconveniencing visitors, making it a powerful tool for successful presales.


At Dreampad, we take our commitment to a safe and respectful platform seriously. We reserve the right to exercise discretion in accepting advertisements to maintain the integrity of our community. As part of this responsibility, we refrain from promoting content that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), hate-related, political, religious, or any material that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate.

By upholding these advertising guidelines, we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our users, ensuring a positive experience that aligns with our values of fairness and transparency in the DeFi space.

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