Service Fees

At Dreampad, our core belief is in fairness and the establishment of an equitable DeFi ecosystem. That's why Dreampad adheres to a straightforward pricing structure, charging a nominal fee of only $150* per presale. We hold steadfast to the principle that your success should be your reward, which is why Dreampad refrains from taking any percentage of contributions or any portion of tokens sold by your team.

With Dreampad, you are the rightful beneficiary of your efforts, ensuring that every project launched through our platform experiences the full advantage of a transparent and truly equitable environment. We're here to support your journey and empower you to thrive in the world of decentralized finance.


$150, 0% of Contribution Raised + 0% of Tokens Sold

*worth in native coin (i.e. ETH, BNB etc.). The price in native coin is updated weekly on our smart contracts to meet the 150$ corrisponding value

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